Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Foreclosure Stalls Motor Row Lofts

Although the Motor Row Lofts (2301 S. Michigan Ave.) may have wrapped up construction, sales of the condos have stalled. According to Crain's Chicago, this has resulted in a foreclosure suit against the developer.

In our opinion this area is one of the most underdeveloped portions of the greater Sloopin region. Although today it might not be the most desirable place to live and visit, we agree with this YoChicago commenter assessing this area:
This should not diminish from an area that I think has the best potential when things rebound. Like it or not, Cermak is the new Roosevelt of 1997. So many positive things potentially happening; Ickes Home demo, Olympics, possible Green Line Station, McCormick Place completion, etc., that this area is a sleeper on snooze for another year or two.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Falcon's nesting grounds are found, maybe at Motor Row.

Anonymous said...


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