Thursday, May 7, 2009


Walking, running, biking and even rollerblading is fine in our book. However, nothing seems more silly to us then the Segway. Yes, when they first came out in 2001 we thought they looked interesting and potentially fun, but seriously...these things are stupid.

With that in mind, we bring you a new feature on Sloopin we like to call "Segways...Seriously?!?!?". We are going to do our best to capture images of the shenanigans and silliness that come with Segways. Regardless of your feelings about these two wheeled transportation thing-a ma-gigs you can't help but notice them scooting around the Sloop. They mostly tend to be tourists, but every once in awhile we will see Chicago's finest patrolling the streets on these machines.

We will continue to take pictures when we see them in the Sloop, but if you see anyone grab your camera or take out your cell phone and take a picture and send it to us at Extra points to anyone who can find an actual resident riding around on their Segway.

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