Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lolla Low Down: Fleet Foxes

Lollapalooza returns to Grant Park for it's annual rock fest on August 7-9, 2009. We are going to do our best to highlight some of the artists that we're excited to see. If you have someone you're excited to see let us know...

Fleet Foxes
Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, the Fleet Foxes, blend beautiful voices with great harmony to produce a unique sound not often heard these days. We had the pleasure of catching them at the Pitchfork Music Festival last year and were pleasantly surprised by the set. Although you won't be screaming and dancing during their shows, you will enjoy their talent and leave feeling fulfilled. Here is their band bio from the Lollapalooza website:
There’s little fast moving about Fleet Foxes’ self-titled debut album. The Seattle band creates an ethereal stripe of roots music that doesn’t lend itself to easy categorization. The high, echoed harmonies that ringleader Robin Pecknold creates with his fuzzy bandmates is reminiscent of My Morning Jacket. But where MMJ runs straight ahead on guitar-driven fuel, Fleet Foxes tends to deconstruct popular song. The band never relies on a verse/chorus/verse format, instead piecing together riveting portions of compatible music into suites that unfold a few minutes at a time. If it all sounds airy, Fleet Foxes’ songs are driven by agitated contrasts — be it a buzzy guitar on “Sun It Rises” or a booming drum on “White Winter Hymnal.”
One of many great songs, here is our favorite, Mykonos:

For more songs and information check out their myspace page.

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GMYH said...

I'm excited about Artic Monkeys. I've been waiting for several years for them to come to Chicago, and of course I will be out of town for a bachelor party that weekend. Damn you, Perry Ferrell.