Friday, September 4, 2015

New Roosevelt Road Streetscape Identification Markers Installed

The major work on the Roosevelt Road Streetscape improvement project has been done for some time now.  Lanes have been reconfigured, a huge bus terminal has been built, bike lanes have been created, and after some missteps benches have been installed.

One mystery that we've been wondering about was what were they going to do with the gigantically tall metal structures that frame the Green/Orange El tracks at Roosevelt?  Well the mystery has revealed itself:
Looking east at the metal identification structures on Roosevelt
Looking west at the metal identification structures on Roosevelt
While we were preparing ourselves for something horrible (has anyone seen the stupid, meaninglessly broad words that are on the benches/lightposts/concrete?), honestly they're not bad in our view.  

We were expecting these to have some stupid font announcing that you were entering the South Loop (ala Oldtown and/or Fulton Market District):

At times we thought a sign announcing the South Loop would be good as it would help define our neighborhood.  Now we're a little less certain (especially after we got a glimpse at the Fulton signage).  It just seems risky, potentially corny and sort of Disneyfied.

With that said, if someone could come up with something distinct or interesting maybe we would change our tune.  Given the other design elements in this project it's better that they went with a simple "CTA Roosevelt" sign.

The project still has some details that need to be completed such a painting and whatnot.

We know there have been some big objections and head-scratching, but how are you feeling about this in it's current state?  

We're going to reserve judgement until all is done, but would still be curious to hear some thoughts.

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