Friday, September 25, 2015

Soil Testing Underway at Vacant Lot at Polk & Financial

A reader writes:
I have attached a photo of some soil testing going on at the lot south of the British School. I believe the lot is zoned for a 40 story building presently???  
Add this to the CMK north and south of RC along Wells and the town homes south side of 801 S Wells and the tower already permitted for the northwest corner of RC.... 1000s of units going into 2 or 3 blocks at Polk and Wells essentially.  
City will need to do something soon regarding Wentworth connection, Taylor bridge and underpass at 9th and

While this would typically be exciting, given all the news this week, this frankly seems expected.

These days, it seems like every vacant lot in the broader Sloop has some activity.

Regardless, thanks for peeping this out and if anyone has additional info on this lot please let us know.

(Hat tip:  SE!)

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