Friday, September 18, 2015

And here is the New Lucas Museum of Narrative Art Renderings...

Chicago Tribune sums up what's changed at the plan for the new Lucas Museum:
Three theaters instead of four. More green space and a smaller building footprint. Less parking. More windows. 
There are an array of differences, many subtle, some dramatic, between the original plans for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art and the new, more detailed proposal unveiled Thursday. 
But the core elements of the lakefront project remain unchanged, including the presence of a futuristic-looking museum between Soldier Field and McCormick Place on Chicago's lakefront to showcase famed film director George Lucas' art and film-related collection. The building also would include a library, classrooms, a rooftop observation deck, event space, galleries and an outside pavilion accessible via a curving, tree-lined path.
The pictures are pretty and yes, this design might be better than the original, but we echo Blair Kamin's thoughts:
The big question — whether this project will enhance or detract from the lakefront's openness — remains unanswered. That should be patently unacceptable to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who told me recently that his key criteria for projects like this are "open, accessible and green." 
Much more needs probing, like whether the museum would worsen already-maddening Lake Shore Drive traffic jams on Bears game days and other times. That seems like a sure bet, what with Bacigalupi predicting that annual attendance could exceed 1 million. But there's no completed traffic study yet. Aldermen should demand one before they vote. It's their lakefront — and ours.

The other thing that has changed is apparently there is not going to be a new bridge to access Northerly Island:
A proposed pedestrian bridge that was to link the museum to nearby Northerly Island wisely has been ditched. It would have cluttered the lakefront.
So what do you think?  We're still not sold...

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