Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spellcheck Alert!
Words on New Roosevelt Rd Bench & Pavers Have Errors

The word Jupiter is misspelled on a granite paver installed on the new Roosevelt Road pedestrian pathway project in the Loop. (via Redeye)
We all make mistakes.  Here a Sloopin we occasionally misspell wurds words.  At least we have the ability to update our digital content relatively easy.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case for some of CDOT's recent work on Roosevelt (via Redeye):
Looks like someone forgot to press the spellcheck button. Two words—Jupiter and Cassiopeia— were misspelled on public art installations that went up on a new Roosevelt Road pedestrian pathway in the Loop, and now the Chicago Department of Transportation, which commissioned the project, is busy trying to fix the problem.
On one of the granite pavers, the word Jupiter appears as "Jupitor." Words are sandblasted into the granite pavers.
On one of the benches, Cassiopeia—a constellation—is spelled "Cassiopedia." Words are either sandblasted or cut into the benches.
The benches and granite pavers cost approximately $4,000 and $180-$300, respectively, said landscape architect Jane Chen of Altamanu Inc., the firm hired to design the project.
The word Jupiter was misspelled on original construction documents obtained by RedEye from project designer Krivanek. But the word Cassiopeia, which appears both on pavers and on one of the benches, was spelled correctly, signaling a problem during fabrication.
The good news is that this apparently won't cost the city anything to fix (except maybe pride).
The word Cassiopeia is misspelled on a new bench installed on the new Roosevelt Road pedestrian pathway project in the Loop. (Lenny Gilmore / RedEye)
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