Monday, June 9, 2014

East-West to Build 26 Floor Dorm on South Wabash?

A reader provides some real estate rumors and poses some questions:
A crew was surveying the parking lot on Wabash between 9th and the Columbia College Park last weekend.  
Rumor is the site is owned by East-West and might become 26-floor dorm. Heard anything about this yet?  
Also, do you know who owns the property just south of the 910 S Michigan building that includes parking and two Columbia College buildings? Years ago it was being developed as a condo building but I believe the property went into bankruptcy. Still bank owned?  
Finally, the On the Route bike shop next to Yolk has a sign in the window stating they're moving to a Printers Row location…you probably already know this, but just in case…
We haven't heard much on the real estate questions/rumors you posed.  Does anyone have any insight they can lend?

As you may recall East-West University did just built a beautiful 17 story building just North of this location.  We're pretty sure it includes student housing, so not sure why they would build a second dorm building.

In regard to the bike shop, we did post about that recently (link here).

(Hat Tip:  MKR!)

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