Monday, June 23, 2014

Do You Have $750K and Want to Charter a Yacht? If So Please Email Us!

Do you have $750K?  Do you need a local neighbor to hang out with on a boat?  If so, please email us at because we would love to hang out.

A reader writes and poses a similar (and valid) question:
Any idea who can afford a yacht that costs $750,000 per week to charter?
The first picture is of it fueling at the gas dock at Burnham Harbor.
With a 47,000 gallon fuel tank she probably costs more to fill up than many of the boats in the harbor.
You can also see people starting to gather for the Spring Awakening Friday afternoon.

If that hasn't sparked your interest, we highly recommend clicking to the boats page and looking through the picture gallery.  Must be nice...

(Hat tip:  JG!)

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