Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bike Shop Moving into Heart of Printers Row (728 S. Dearborn)

It still amazes us that more of the retail space in Printers Row isn't occupied.  It's one of the more visually appealing retail strips in the city if you ask us and seems ripe for more activity.  Not saying there isn't activity, just saying it seems like it could be much much more.  Maybe the rents too damn high...

Anyway, we do get excited when new stuff goes in on this stretch and it sounds like something interesting is coming:
Since no one seems to have any info, a friend took upon herself this morning, and talked to the builders…it will be a Bike Shop. In the old Medaterra/Gourmand space.
For those of you who don't know the Gourmand space is at 728 S. Dearborn.

Having a bike shop here makes a ton of sense to us especially given that it's on one of the main protected bike paths in the city (and the only one that goes through the heart of the loop).

Hopefully the rent isn't too damn high...and they can stay around for awhile!

(Hat tip: TR!)

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