Friday, June 27, 2014

First Draft Officially Opens at 649 S. Clark

First Draft (649 S. Clark) from Eater Chicago
A couple of weeks ago we noted that First Draft (649 S. Clark) announced their opening date.  Well it looks like that date passed and they are in face open!

Eater Chicago and Urban Daddy recently confirmed.  Sounds like a good place if you're into beer:
...First Draft, a new public house with 200 beers and other beer-infused marvels (like pizza), open as of today in the South Loop.

It’s pretty pub-y in here—Chicago sports memorabilia, 23 flat-screens, 100-year-old timber beams, doors rescued from Loyola University. Everything points to you saying, “Good place. Good beer place.”
We're big fans of Villain's and are still eagerly anticipating their opening across the street.  Regardless, we always like when more quality places move into the Sloop and First Draft looks pretty solid.

Welcome to the Sloop and looking forward to stopping in!

Business counter is updated.

(Hat tip:  GM!)

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