Friday, June 20, 2014

A Guide to Family Fun in the Sloop

Women's Park (via Red Tricycle)
The Sloop's pretty great.  And by great we don't just mean for singles, married couples, students and retirees.  Families continue to flock to the nabe and the website Red Tricycle sums it up pretty well:
The South Loop: An Insider’s Guide to Family Fun 
The Museum Campus. The White Sox. Streets with numbers instead of names. This springs to mind when thinking about the South Loop. Well, we’ve got another highlight to add to the list: a goldmine of family attractions. Historically a dicey and undeveloped area, this fast-growing nabe is full of hidden gems and original activities. Venture with your little ones south of Congress to these spots and see how fun the South Side can be.

The article goes onto to name a bunch of reason why the Sloop is great for families.  Don't believe us, check it out.

If you don't know, now you know!

PS - Never thought I would be ending a family fun Sloopin post with a classic lyric from the immortal Notorious B.I.G.

(Hat tip:  MS!)

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