Friday, June 13, 2014

Fit Results Bringing Fitness to Printers Row

We recently posted about Gadget Geeks moving in at 620 S. Dearborn.  At the time there was also some talk about a fitness business moving in next door.

Seemed like there was some conflicting information swirling, but recently a reader sent us a picture that makes it seem like Fit Results is in fact moving at 645 S. Dearborn.

Their website is also up and running (pun intended) with information and confirmation on the location.

For the fitness buffs, you may be interested in their Triple 30 workout:
Triple 20 is a unique fitness concept which combines rowing, cycling and functional training. Designed for those who want to improve their endurance or give a kick to their training regimen. Similar but more intense & efficient than the P90X. Maximizing calorie burn during and post-workout. Up to 36 hours of calorie burn!

Seems intense.

Best of luck on your impending opening!

(Hat tip: K!)

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