Wednesday, October 16, 2013

South Branch of Red Line Set For Re-Opening on Sunday

So remember when the red line El south of Roosevelt closed for five months?

Well apparently that time has passed (via Chicagoist):
The south branch of the Red Line from 95th Street to Roosevelt Road will re-open to riders Oct. 20 with promises of shorter commutes and fewer breakdowns.
CTA long said the five-month long project had to happen to modernize a stretch of the agency’s busiest rail line, which hadn’t seen an overhaul since it opened in 1969. CTA conducted a test of the newly rebuilt section last Saturday with an eight-car test train of 5000-Series rail cars traveling for a round trip, reaching a maximum speed of 55 mph throughout the ride. The project is expected to reduce round trip travel times from Roosevelt Road to 95th Street by 20 minutes.
Surprisingly we didn't hear much fuss about this inconvenience.

(Hat tip:  KG!)

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