Friday, October 4, 2013 Exquisite, Fun & Affordable Dining Options without Leaving the Comforts of Your Home

It's well documented that we get really excited to go out in the Sloop and try out all of the dining options our fine neighborhood has to offer.

However, sometimes going out can be burdensome.  Lack of reservation times.  Slow service.  Annoying crowds. You get the idea!

That's why we were so intrigued by a new concept called Kitchensurfing.  Their website sums up the concept pretty succinctly:
Ok, so the idea is that you need a chef for something. Anything.

So how does it work?  They break it down to five steps:
1)  Tell them what you're after (party size, budget, date, etc).
2)  They reference their database of chefs and provide matches based on step 1
3)  You review the chefs that met your criteria and pick one
4)  Next, you work with the chef to customize your menu
5)  Then you book your chef!

Yup, that's pretty much it.

Chef Kristin Koury
We recently tried it out and had an amazing time with Chef Kristin Koury.  She was right on time and was immediately accommodating, personable and warm.  She brought her supplies up, looked at our kitchen and then said, "thanks, that's all I need".  She immediately put us at ease and made us confident that all would be fine.

She provide all the food.  We provide our kitchen, silverware, plates, bowls and wine glasses.

Fast forward an hour later and our friends had arrived.  In total there were six of us.  We poured our own wine and then the fun began!  Our delicious four course meal started with a surprise shrimp gyoza appetizer (yes, that means we got an extra course - five courses!):

Not only was everything delicious, it was well timed, beautifully presented and we asked a ton of questions and Chef Kristin had great feedback (so we actually learned a bit).  

Highlights included amazingly tender and flavorful short ribs.  The macarons were also a treat and that's coming from a person who typically doesn't like macarons.

Once the meal was over, Kristin cleaned up our kitchen, silverware, plates, bowls, wine glasses and even the top of our stove (which was definitely not clean when she walked in), which was a nice little bonus and is part of the Kitchensurfing experience.

So what is the moral of the story?  If you're looking for an alternative dining option - whether it's a dinner party, a lunch or a cooking class - give Kitchensurfing a try.  Based on our experience you won't be disappointed - it's fun, delicious, easy and affordable.  

And if you're lucky you may end up with a kitchen that was cleaner than before your chef arrived.     

Editorial Disclaimer - no payment was exchanged between Sloopin and Kitchensurfing for this review.  All services and supplies were provided by Kitchensurfing. 

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