Thursday, October 24, 2013

Panozzo's Closes for the Time Being; Evaluating Options

A reader reached out to us and gave us a tip that Panozzo's might be closing.   With that said, we emailed with the owner Mike Panozzo to get some clarity:
Today we posted a sign in the front door of Panozzo's telling customers that we are closed for the time being while we evaluate our options going forward. We're looking at every scenario possible in hopes that the store will re-open in some form. It has been a difficult time, although I believe the quality of our product and services always remained top notch. 
We made many changes, some more dramatic than others, but all we felt were necessary. We are fighting as hard as humanly possible because we love what we do and we love the South Loop. We believe independent businesses are what give a neighborhood its character, and we like to believe we are an important piece of that equation. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. We'll keep you posted. 
Mike Panozzo
Good luck to Panozzo's, we're rooting for you.  The neighborhood would definitely lose some character (and good eats) without you.

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