Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Devil Dawgs Bringing the Devil to 767 S. State

Looks like South State street is getting a taste of the devil.  Various readers have sent us images and emails:
FYI, I was walking home from work today and it looks like Devil Dawgs is opening up a second location at 767 S State. There were some signs up in the windows saying it was coming soon, and a snippet at the end of this article mentions it.
We weren't familiar with Devil Dawgs, but apparently their original store in Lincoln Park has good reviews - 4 stars on Yelp.

Additional Update:
Devil Dawgs is replacing Young's Cleaners.  However, they did not close they just moved around the corner and reside on 8th street in the same building.

(Hat tip: MK, MJ, RD, CD!)

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