Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Does Our Neighborhood Suck? Thrillist Weighs In!

Thrillist recently weighed in on some of the city's neighborhoods (including the Sloop).  The background:
Chicago has been called a city of neighborhoods, which may be one of its less-catchy monikers, but it also happens to be true. And those neighborhoods have many fine qualities and eclectic charms... but they also have some lesser points. And some lesser, lesser points. Read on to find out what those are, and if you don't see your least favorite 'hood, feel free to expound on it in the comments.
You'll find you're stereotypical descriptions for neighborhoods ranging from Wrigleyville to Bucktown to Pilsen.  What did they have to say about the Sloop:
South Loop: FACT: 87% of South Loop residents bought a condo before the real estate market crashed, assured the area was about to develop like crazy, only to regret it. They’re trying to save money for a new place but they keep spending it on cabs to take them away from the South Loop.

Anyway, as you can imagine this type of post elicited a rather lively debate in the comment section.  Worth a read if you're looking to kill time.

(Hat tip:  K-PAX!)

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