Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bath and Beauty Store, Sabon, Coming to Roosevelt Collection

Sabon Store on Upper East Side in NYC (via Roosevelt Collection Blog)
A reader sent us a tip that the Roosevelt Collection blog has announced that the israel based bath and beauty store, Sabon, will be opening up shop at the complex:
We are happy to announce the late fall opening of Sabon at The Shops at Roosevelt Collection! As international purveyors of hand-made bath and beauty products with natural ingredients from the Dead Sea, Sabon’s products focus on the healing of mind, body and soul as well as the universal experience of caring for one’s skin and oneself.  
Following the design of Sabon boutiques around the world, the storefront at Roosevelt Collection will feature a large stone-carved sink at the center of the shop. This basin allows the cleansing and healing of the skin to become a communal process, a visual and sensual experience for each customer. Products are shelved in cabinets and on tables reminiscent of the same furniture found in one’s home, furthering the inviting yet intimate feel of the store.

We did some googling and it seems like there stores in New York have a pretty good reputation (4 to 4.5 stars on Yelp).

Is anyone familiar with them?

(Hat tip:  SP!)

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