Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Windows Installed - Progress at Two New Restaurants

We've gotten a bunch of emails asking about the status of two on the 1300 block of the South Loop - Giordano's (1340 S. Michigan) and Asian Outpost (1315 S. Wabash).  While we haven't heard anything formal, a couple readers have sent us pictures and info.

First up is Giordano's.  Most people (us included) assumed this buildout would take awhile since the building seems to be in bad shape.  Apparently we were wrong.

Huge glass picture windows have been installed which gives everyone a nice glimpse into the new restaurant:

The reader also sent us a picture of the buildout inside:

Definitely further along than we anticipated.  They also have a "now hiring" sign on the building, so sounds like things are progressing pretty fast.

Second up is Asian Outpost.  We posted about this forthcoming restaurant in late March and from the outside it doesn't appear that much was going on.  Avid readers will probably remember that the previous restaurant, Ole Hardwood, infamously went up in flames back in late 2010.  With that said, we assumed the buildout was going to be tough given the massive fire that preceded it.

Anyway, it might still be a big buildout, but progress has begun on the outside.  New windows are replacing the plywood that covered up the old windows.  Not sure when they're planning on opening, but it's always good to see progress.

(Hat tip: AM & DK!)

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