Friday, July 19, 2013

Heat Power Outage

The heat has apparently cause some issues for some residents in the Sloop.  A reader writes in:
Hey Sloopy, 
Why no news about the local power outage? We live on Indiana between 16th and 18th. Our entire block (plus several others) had brownouts throughout the day and lost all power at 3pm Thursday. We had power briefly (20mins) around 7pm, but then it went out again. ComEd got everything back on after midnight. But it doesn't seem like the problem is actually fixed. There is a giant semi truck generator parked on 18th street between Indiana and Michigan right now. Did anyone else report this to you? We're keeping our fingers crossed that the generator keeps our A/C on until the heat breaks this weekend.

This is the first we've heard about this.  Upon some googling, we found a brief mention on ABC7's website, but that's it.

Stay cool...

(Hat tip:  AA!)

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