Tuesday, July 23, 2013

South Loop Brewing Company Collaborates On Two New Beers; Releases Them at Weather Mark Tavern

You may recall that in 2011 Chicago Journal had an article about South Loop Brewing Company.  The post was slightly confusing.  Was it an actual company?  Was it simply a guy who likes to brew beer?  Or was it something more?

Well the company has continued to brew and Jeremiah Zimmer gave us an update:
At present, South Loop Brewing Company consists of three guys, a homebrewing operation and a dream to bring the community of craft beer to the South Loop. Since we're not 100% funded yet or licensed, we're free to collaborate with other licensed brewers, but not release beers on our own and in our own facility just yet. We intend to get there through a Kickstarter campaign slated to launch this September (more on that as soon as it launches), but it was important to us to get actual beer on tap so friends, family and strangers alike could try our handiwork before we asked them to help us fund a brick-and-mortar brewery. 
The two-beer collaboration ("Sailor's Delight" & "Sailor's Warning") we brewed with Lake Effect Brewing Company is our first and the response and support so far has been exciting and extremely motivating. We're really looking forward to tapping those kegs and seeing what people think. 
We aim to continue gaining momentum with more collaboration brews and may start by brewing our original recipes at other friend-breweries to get our beer into market sooner, but the end goal is a production brewery with a taproom and shop in South Loop proper. We've already scouted a handful of locations (a couple near Michigan & 14th and one near 13th & Wabash) that could eventually be our home, so we're excited and hoping for the best on our ability to reach our Kickstarter goal. 
Many of our beers are inspired by and named after South Loop-related areas or roads: "India(na Ave.) Pale Ale," "Solidarity Stout" and "Hop Monster of the Midway," to name a few. We want to have fun with our beer names and styles, but we also intend to tell a story about the South Loop when and where possible.

With that said, if you're interested in trying their beer:

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