Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thanks to This Weeks Hat Tippers - Get Your T-Shirt!

We rolled out our Hat Tip t-shirts last Monday and got a flood of great tips.  So thanks for that!

Here are this weeks peeps who are eligible for a Sloopin Hat Tip T-Shirt.  If you see your initials and submitted a story, send us an email at to redeem the shirt:
  • RG
  • NM
  • JH
  • SH  
If you sent us a tip, but didn't see it come up yet, don't fret.  It probably will in the near future!

And if you want a shirt, but don't have a tip to share yet you can go to Well Future Pharmacy (1442 S. Michigan) and buy one for $15.

Thanks again and don't forget to wear your shirt with pride.

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