Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Head of the Class: New Schools Shine in the Sloop

The fine folks at Curbed Chicago had a recent post looking at the progress of two new schools in the South Loop - Jones College Prep & East West University.

Both schools are in the process of finishing their buildings and from the outside both are unique and stunning:
New Jones College Prep at Polk & State (image via Kevin Dickert - Curbed Chicago)
Shinny new East West University building at 825 S. Wabash (image via Kevin Dickert - Curbed Chicago)
Both buildings are great additions to the neighborhood, but in our mind the East West building is simple and elegant with some subtle architectural flourishes that make it interesting.

The Jones College Prep building is massive!  While it's also interesting to look at for some reason it feels unsettling to our eye.  It lacks consistency and seems like a jumbled concept with many layers that screams "let's make this more complicated than it needs to be".

Anyway, the Curbed post has some additional pictures of each structure and has information on the architects and other attributes to each building.

While neither stack up to the impact or scale of Roosevelt University's "Vertical Campus", both are solid additions to the neighborhood. 

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