Tuesday, December 18, 2012

E. Harrison Street is Apparently a Hot Bed for Men's Haircuts

Construction underway at Floyd's Barbershop at 27 E. Harrison Street
East Harrison Street apparently should be called East HAIR-ison Street!  Wow we're painfully clever.

Anyway, it appears that Floyd's 99 Barbershop is progressing pretty well at it's 27 E. Harrison street address judging by the picture above.  We posted about this news back in September and upon further research we recently found that they plan to open in January 2013 according to their website.

In other male hair news, Sports Clips is looking for a manager and stylists according to Craigslist.  Sports Clips is supposed to be going in just down the street at 10 E. Harrison.  We heard about this spot back in August and honestly haven't seen any progress or signage.  However, the craigslist posting makes it seem like it's still coming.

So there you have it men.  Two new places for your to get your hair cut.  It's a pretty simple proposition.  If you like music you go to Floyd's.  If you like sports you go to Sports Clips.  

What's next?  A barber shop with a video game theme?  Sounds like the next great business idea!

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Anonymous said...

I have been getting my haicut at Floyd's in Lincoln Park for the last three years. Yes, they also do haircut for ladies. My cut will usually cost me $28.00 and I walk out with a $500.00 cut by an Oak Street salon! They actually have some stylist that have worked in those high priced salons.

I excited there opening the salon in the LP, much closer to home.
Hopefully, Lauren will transfer to this location, closer to her home also!