Friday, December 14, 2012

Having a Great Night in the Sloop?

A reader sends us this gem from the Chicago tumblr account #SOYEAHDUH:
When I have a great night in the South Loop
I’m all like,

If you haven't checked out the site, it's a good read for a Friday!

(Hat tip: KM!)


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the folks who were robbed by the man arrested last night at 18th and Michigan with an assault rifle were having "a great night in the sloop"? This guy had 30 rounds of ammunition on him!!!! Like I always say: the sloop's proximity to the hoods just west and south of here are going to be its ultimate downfall.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Lincoln Park area survived its decades long proximity to Cabrini Green... There are perils in all city life, lighten up--you probably have refused to make plans beyond December 21st LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL? LOL! Are you serious? A man was arrested in the alley across the street from my condo with an assault rifle and 30 rounds of ammunition last night and you're laughing out loud and telling me to lighten up?! You must not have young children.

Anonymous said...

"lighten up" LOL. Mac 11 loaded and robs a store on 16th and Michigan and we arent supposed to be concerned?

My guess is you arent head of your class at columbia


Anonymous said...

What happened at 18th and Michigan? What time?

Anonymous said...

Anon 932: check out the news today. This is why violent people walking around your neighborhood with loaded assault weapons should concern ALL of us and NOT be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Again, another idiot random guy who got caught. It's the holidays, these guys are trying everything to get money right now. This type of thing happens once every 2 years in the south loop area.. look at every other neighborhood for god's sake.. it's every other week. Bucktown, Loop, Near West, Uptown, Lakeview, it's crazy how much more crime goes on those areas.

Anonymous said...

Details matter:

Was a pistol, not a rifle

Articles say he had a clip that could hold 30 rounds, not that it did hold 30 rounds.

Even with those details it is still troubling, but not as troubling as if he got away. He was caught. Still troubling though, but again not as troubling as if he lived in the neighborhood; he is from Roseland on far south side.

Anonymous said...

It's also crazy how much more restaurants, pubs, bars, stores, shops, parks, L stops, etc. there are in those places. Guess it's a trade-off.

Also, to those of you who thought we were getting more stores in the still vacant Roosevelt Collection: think again. Looks like the developer is planning to lease over 80,000 square feet to the private British School. See Crains for more details. This is probably why the stores that did sign stated that they wouldn't open until next Autumn. And why they won't open at all of the school goes in.

Anonymous said...

8:56am - Do you live here? Anyway, "trade off?".. Keep in mind these restaurants are there for those that DO NOT LIVE IN THE AREA.

For example: Would you live in Logan Square or the areas around Bucktown, Wicker Park, west or north of West Loop knowing you would live in fear everyday just because there are a couple of decent restaurants in the area?? Even Streeterville is actually not an ideal place to live.

These restaurants are there for people like me who live far away and VISIT there, NOT LIVE.

South Loopers live in the lap of luxury - the only issue is that we are still trying to squeeze out the "randoms" that stop through due to Roosevelt stop, CTA 3 and 4 bus and those that can currently afford rent FOR NOW due to the overstock the area had. I promise you if the JEWEL closed, these guys would not have a reason to get off. They added the entrance on the south end, not sure it helped, but the city is trying to do something about it at least.

Also, they are not leasing the space in Roosevelt Collection.. they are putting together a brand new building on the open lot north of RC.

Anonymous said...

Folks - go to the Greenleaf Express market 1619 S Michigan and continue to show your support. These guys are there for us - they don't sell liquor bc of the crowd it can attract late at night (except for Austin Randall of course!).. so next time you need a lotto ticket, milk, etc. stop in. These are good people and we need to continue to support both South Loop market and this store.

Anonymous said...

This link is the only thing you need to keep your eye on where real crime exist on a daily basis vs just some random crime...

Click on 33 (Near South Side) vs 28(Near West Side). Also, click on the areas around 28.. 24, 27, etc.

The only area around the South Loop that needs some attention is the far, far side of zone 35. 31, 60 and 34 surround the South Loop and it is pretty tame compared to Near West Side.

I dont want to hear another person try to compare the South Loop vs West Loop.. yes West Loop has great restaurants, but once the South Loop gets 5 - 10 more destination places and Motor Row going there wont be anything else to compare against the South Loop.