Monday, September 17, 2012

Floyd's Barbershop Moving into Recently Closed Cartridge World (27 E Harrison)

Remember when we wrote that Cartridge World was closed?  Well that was 11 days ago and in that time, a new sign announcing Floyd's Barbershop (27 E. Harrison) quickly went up (see image above).

What is Floyd's?  Well according to their website:
Floyd’s 99 shops focus on old school customer service, where customers are every employee's number one priority. It mixes its excellent service with the new style appeal of an experienced, talented staff with unique and fun personalities to match the Floyd's 99 attitude that keeps their loyal customers coming back. Surrounded with posters of hot bands and music artists plastered on the walls, customers can watch one of the plasma TV's or log on to the Internet at one of the shop's customer computers, all while taking in the music on Floyd's 99's own radio station. Then to top it all off, every customer receives the Floyd's 99 signature hot lather neck shave* and aaahhh…shoulder massage.
While we typically don't get super excited about a barbershop, it's definitely an improvement over a Cartridge World if you ask us.  It's interesting because there is a Sports Clips going in at 10 E. Harrison.  Seems like they cater to the same person.

According to their website they will be opening up in the fall of this year (so pretty soon!).

We've never been to Floyd's Barbershop?  If so, how did you like it?

(Hat tip: MM!)


Anonymous said...

I used to go to Floyd's while I lived in Denver 10 years ago, and I really liked it. It appears that they are expanding quite a bit...first to the West now to the Midwest. My usual barber was booked one weekend, so I tried Floyd's on Milwaukee. They did a so-so job. It had the same vibe and look as they did in Denver, but it appeared manufactured versus authentic. The walls in Denver had all these music related posters plastered on them. The one here was wall paper of these posters, not the actual posters. Weird. Anyway, I would rather go to Floyd's rather than SuperCuts or any of the other quick cut shops.

Anonymous said...

Been to the one on N. Clark quite a few times. Never found them to be anything but friendly, fair priced, and populated by rock-folks that are totally approachable. So, it is a chain version of a hipster hair cuttery. But that means the price stays at about 25 bones-- that is a good price point that we do not have for guys.

In short: a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

I emailed them about a year ago asking to look at the South Loop and glad they are here, but I think the Motor Row area would have been a killer spot for them based on the fact that there is no haircut place and it is music based.

Anonymous said...

I used to go to the one in Lincoln Park/Lakeview on Clark. Prices are a little more than Haircuttery and you feel like you're more in a tattoo parlour than barber shop. Oh, the free neck massage was a nice touch!

Anonymous said...

Have been going to Floyd's exclusivley for nearly a year now. Price is right on for a good cut, they straight razor shave your neck, shoulder/neck massage and they do a great job. I'm very excited about this location right up the street from me.

Jim Karlovsky said...

I've gone to Floyd's in San Diego for a few years, and now that I'm moving to the Sloop I can't wait to go to this new location!

Anonymous said...

Barbershop,No Barbers on Staff!!!! Confused???*?