Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sloopin Top Ten of 2012: #5 - Five Guys

2012 is almost over and with that we fired up our google analytics account to see which stories had the most views during the year.  With that said, look for posts daily counting down our top ten stories of 2012.

#5:  Five Guys Comes to the Sloop
Well apparently people love Five Guys hamburgers.

Remember this building?
For that, Five Guys coming to the Sloop registers at #5 for our top ten 2012 countdown.  Like many of our other restaurant related posts, this topic can be traced back to 2011 (August to be specific) when we heard rumors of the popular restaurant chain coming to 1150 S. Wabash.  We were mainly excited because it meant that the amazingly dilapidated building would either be renovated or demolished (see pic at the right).

Work continued to progress on the demolition and eventually popped up a nice new building.  We then heard that Five Guys was in fact moving in based on a tip we received to look at their website (that was in April 2012).

There were still some questions as the build-out of the restaurant began.  Would there be other businesses at this location or would this just be a Five Guys.  As time went on and the Five Guys sign went up, it became clear that there was space for two restaurants:

We later learned it would be the Artist's Cafe.  But this post is about Five Guys...and they eventually opened on July 16th.  We haven't been yet, but judging by the amount of people we see in their it must be a success.

Regardless of how you feel about the chain, you have to agree that this building looks 1000 times better than the old one!

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