Friday, December 7, 2012

The Internet is an Amazing Place:
Gangnam Style, The Sloop, and Segways!

All we can say is that the internet is an amazing place!  Depending on your view, Gangnam Style is either an amazing example of how the internet is truly one of the most revolutionary tools ever or just an example of how pointless it can be.  Realistically it's probably somewhere in the middle.

Regardless, Gangnam Style is one catchy viral video.  

Besides it being catchy, we got a good chuckle when we watched a recent mash-up of Gangnam Style that featured Buckingham Fountain (which we like to consider in the Sloop).  The funniest thing is that Chicago's two seconds of fame in this video has a segway scooting through it...A GODDAMN SEGWAY! (at the :32 mark): 

If you're a loyal reader you know about our feelings towards segways!

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