Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Apple Store to Roosevelt Collection Appears to be True!

Roosevelt Collection during the construction phase...
Back in April we had a post about an Apple Store coming to Roosevelt Collection.  Many of us were smiling, but skeptical given the "issues" that have transpired at the massive development.

With that said, that smile has grown after reading a story from Crain's blogger Brigid Sweeney about Alderman Fioretti stating that Apple was coming to the Sloop:
Alderman Robert Fioretti (2nd) says Apple Inc. plans to open a store soon in the South Loop. 
Speaking to a group of Crain's editors, Mr. Fioretti confirms what I heard earlier this spring: That the city's third Apple store—and the first on the South Side—will go into the Roosevelt Collection at Wells Street and Roosevelt Road. (Apple also has seven suburban Chicago locations.) 
Mr. Fioretti told the editors on Tuesday that the iPhone retailer is "coming close" to moving in and predicted the store could open by year-end. "It looks good," he said. Daniel McCaffery, chairman and CEO of McCaffery Interests Inc., which bought the struggling Roosevelt Collection project last year, confirmed to me that he's in talks with Apple, but is a bit more circumspect than Mr. Fioretti. 
"We share the alderman's enthusiasm and hope that one day we can share the announcement," he said. 
OK, so it's still not a definite but it sounds much more realistic now.  While we are impressed with Apple and glad they're considering a move into the neighborhood, the bigger story to us is that McCaffery may in fact be able to deliver the big tenants that have been rumored for some time.

We had a post with various retailers that were considering Roosevelt Collection and it was a pretty impressive list (including the likes of Lululemon, Letuce Entertain You, Arhus, etc).  Maybe this is really going to happen!

Anyway, if you thought Trader Joe's had an impact on whether or not other retailers would come to the Sloop, an Apple store will probably take that up a notch.  Only time will tell, but this is some big news for the retail scene in the Sloop!

(Hat tip: MG!)


Broomy said...

That would be awesome for the development.

Serge said...

Yes, I really like the RC ambiance, especially with the Icon theater. My hope is for some coffee shops with outdoor seating.

Chris said...

Curious how much they are looking to get in lease and how much they are offering to help with the buildouts. I find it strange its taking so long to get commitments or they may just not be making them public. Apple store commitment would help fill the rest of RC quickly.

Anonymous said...

This is huge, a big win for the South Loop. Apple is the pinnacle of retail, both in design and service.

anon said...

"Apple store to Roosevelt Collection Appears to be True" only has 4 comments, before new annon rule, this story would of gotten 40 comments. As someone who lives out of state and likes to keep up and with my old hood, I used to love seeing what the people of the south loop thought, not anymore. This site sucks right now!

MarkChicago said...

@anon, thanks for reinforcing that the policy works.

BRENDAN said...


Youre right, there would have been forty comments, but 35 of them would be about some other topic or just jibberish that sadly enough, came from anons.

If you come to a blog just to read comments then to me you are a trolling pest.

scottyboysloop said...

Excellent! Even though I now reside in the West Loop, I'm very excited to hear of this! It'll be great for te South Loop?