Saturday, June 16, 2012

1st Annual Spring Awakening Fest Starts Today at Soldier Field

When you hear spring awakening you might think we're talking about a religious festival, but don't be fooled.  The 1st annual Spring Awakening Festival taking place today and tomorrow around and inside Soldier Field is a hardcore electronic/dance/dubstep/club/house music festival.

While this type of music might surprise some, its emergence isn't just appears to be gaining popularity.  We've been going to Lollapalooza for some time and this type of music/party has been gaining steam.  Here is our take on the phenomenon of Perry's stage, the non-stop-dance-til-you- pass-out area of Lollapalooza that is amazingly fun, intense and not usually sober.

Anyway, if you're a die hard fan of Perry's you will probably like the Spring Awakening festival.  However, we are skeptical that there is enough demand for a full on two day electronic dance festival, but what do we know.  We won't be going, but will be around Northerly Island and most definitely will be looking around and listening to the scene.  Should be interesting.

For those wondering who is headlining, here is a video of Skrillex from Lollapalooza last year.  He has the main spot inside Soldier Field on Sunday night:


MK said...

This event was so completely and utterly obnoxious and disrespectful - their music was just plain too loud. I had to leave home because the constant thump-thump-thump for 2 days (with windows closed and AC on!) was making me mad. I hope this is first and last of their festivals!

If you agree, please write to our Alderman to inform him that it's way too loud and they need to either have it elsewhere, or be more considerate of the residents and comply with noise regulations.

BRENDAN said...

at first i was going to write that since you live in the city and by a major sports stadium that you shoudl expect these things.....

but bass pounding for two days seems like a bit much, they may want to push this event out to northerly island.

Unknown said...

This was not just a great event, but an absolutely AWESOME event. I live in the South Loop, I have kids, I am probably of similar age as MK & Brendan... but to complain about this is ridiculous! Call your alderman? Come on grandpa, it's summer, people are having fun, you should be out of your house and enjoying life just like we did with the thousands of kids.
I have been advocating for music festivals like this for decades to see one fail after the other. With the onslaught of dubstep and the minimal influence of commercial radio, we have finally made it!
If you were really effected by this festival, please schedule a vacation next time and save the comments for people who actually love this stuff... like the thousands of people who enjoyed this event in a safe and controlled arena.

Unknown said...

I agree, event was great. I didnt attend but the kids attending behaved well, their clothes were hilarious-I've never seen so much neon, lakefront was back to normal quickly and it probably brought in alot of money to local establishments. I know Krolls was packed.
Look forward to it next year. Please don't try turning South Loop into a retirement community.