Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Up With the South Exit from the Roosevelt Green/Orange Line Platform?

Peeking over the fence at the South Exit
from the Orange/Green Line at Roosevelt 
If you're a frequent CTA rider and one that uses the Green/Orange line South exit, you've probably gotten frustrated that it's been closed recently.  Without much warning or explanation (or at least that we saw), construction on the sidewalk and exit commenced quickly.

A reader writes:
Do you know what is taking place at the south end exit of the Roosevelt green/orange platform? I was thinking maybe they were going to be turning it into a full entrance/exit to help prevent people from running across the street in the middle of traffic after getting off the east-bound buses? Any other ideas?
We asked around a little, but didn't hear anything definitive.  We heard they were doing something with a gas line, but we're not sure of the validity of this.  If you peak over the fence, it looks like they did some digging (which could validate the gas story), but why did they have to rip down the entire exit?

While we can't confirm or deny that they're making it a full entrance/exit, we would love to see this.  Or simply allow people who have cards to enter from this location.  It seems like it would help reduce the number of people illegally crossing Roosevelt to get into the CTA entrance.

Does anyone have a clue what's going on here?

(Hat tip: LR & N!)


peter said...

It is an auxiliary entrance/exit: http://www.transitchicago.com/travel_information/alert_detail.aspx?AlertId=14072

MarkChicago said...

I'm outraged, many people rely on this urinal being operational 24/7.

Josh said...

Note on the CTA's website seems to indicate that they will be constructing an entrance (see bold):

Full Description:

How does this affect my trip?
The auxiliary exit at the Roosevelt elevated station, on the north side of Roosevelt Road, will be temporarily closed.

Exit the Roosevelt station via the main entrance on the south side of Roosevelt Road.

Why is service being changed?
The Roosevelt elevated station’s auxiliary exit will be temporarily closed for construction of a new auxiliary entrance/exit.

Jim McCloskey said...

It looks like the CTA mixed up north and south a bit there...

Josh said...

Jim, somehow that doesn't surprise me.

Ankit said...

This particular station has the highest crime incidence. I dont think adding more entrances is going to help. They need a cop 24/7 here

Brianbobcat said...

At least now there shouldn't be people crossing mid-block. I don't know why this has taken so long. With the amount of bus riders who use this as a transfer station, the amount of room on the south side, and the addition of other HBG entrances like the one several blocks north at Harrison, this seemed like a duh 6 years ago, if not more. I'm sure a classy 4' fence across the median would prevent any other passengers who still feel like crossing mid-block to get to the main entrance. Lastly, why is the retail still empty? The south loop and we can't find something to appropriately fill that space?

bhl1 said...

I dont forsee this changing anything with regards to people crossing the street as most riders are getting on the red line which you'll still have to board across the street.

GeekyCabDriver said...

in my opinion, if people are going to the red line station, then they can just cross the street at intersection of state and roosevelt. i believe those people crossing in the middle of the street are getting onto either orange or green line which this new auxiliary entrance/exit will help tremendously.

c-corcoran said...

Does anyone know how to lobby CTA or let them know anything dealing with the mid-block crossing would be really appreciated?

MarkChicago said...

c-corcoran, they (the jaywalkers) have seemed pretty reasonable when popping out from nowhere in front of my car like a gd zombie. Maybe just going down and kindly letting them know about the crosswalks?