Friday, June 22, 2012

Readers are Right: City Tavern First to Open

With City Tavern opening up last night, it looks like the readers were right.  After a couple of delays we were unsure if one of the other new South Michigan establishments would open up first.  A reader sent us this picture:

While CT might have beat the others to the punch, it appears that they are pretty close to opening as well.

Square One has a countdown clock on their website that says they're going to open on July 5th (even though we heard they were shooting for July 1st).  Alain's has taken the paper down from their windows to reveal a rustic decor that would suggest that they're damn near close to opening.  And we recently saw people putting things in Karamela...which would suggest they're getting close as well.

Soon enough we will have some new things to try out!

(Hat tip: ET!)


Kelly Sharp said...

We stopped in last night for dinner and we were VERY impressed with the food. The beer selection is grea too. Service was a little on the slow side, but I'll chalk that up to it being the first night and everyone still getting into the swing of things. Definitely head over there if you have a chance!

TS said...

Also stopped in last night and thought the decor was tasteful and the menu looked great. We only stopped in for a drink (great beer featuring local options which is nice); hwoever, we will certainly be back to sample the food which looked great. Service was very good, especially considering it was opening night. Most importantly not too loud to have a conversation- not trying to be a club, just a friendly neighborhood night spot.

Incidentally and totally off the subject, noticed that they are excavating the site at the corner of 18th and Wabash- looks they are digging a foundation for something big- anyone know whats up there?

Josh said...

Went there over the weekend. They're still clearly ironing out some of the serving kinks but the food was good and I was heartened to see Six Points on the beer list.

MarkChicago said...

Agree on the service kinks, but our food/drinks were excellent. Still some cosmetic finishing touches left that are very apparent (sign?), but I'm glad they were aggressive and opened up. Highly recommended!