Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stop Lights on Wabash at 13th and 14th Street Will Come in 2012

One of the most heavily discussed topics on Sloopin in 2011 were the dangerous intersections at 13th and Wabash & 14th and Wabash.  We've had numerous readers email us with concerns about motorists blowing through the existing stop signs.

Back in November it appeared that traffic lights would be coming to these intersections.  The Alderman even mentioned them in a newsletter he sent out last year.  However, nothing happened.

Fast forward to this past week and a reader sent us an email they received from the Alderman after reaching out about the status of these additions:
Thanks for reaching out to us. We agree and have secured funding for the installation of a stop light at that location. It's projected to be installed this year. 
So looks like these are still coming...we just need to be patient.

Stay tuned!

(Hat tip: GJ!)


BRENDAN said...

anything to stop the pedestrians from just walking across the streets at will with their headphones on. Need crosswalk lights

DrJen said...

I'm torn in my opinion of this. These are intersections which I drive down most days of the week. And I have *never* seen such awful ignoring of stop signs anywhere. But, I've also not seen an accident (yes...that's terrible anecdotal bias right there...ignore me). I'm trying to weigh the annoyance of a 20-30 sec redlight x 2 every morning against my current annoyance and worry over seeing people insanely blow of those stop signs two or three times a week. I figure I'm 85% in support and 15% dreading. (Those would be made up statistics, btw.) I'm going to stick with my majority opinion.

James Joseph Middleton said...

This is great news finally the intersection will be much safer from idiotic drivers who feel that pedestrians do not have the right of way.

MarkChicago said...

As someone who has almost been hit many times while obeying the rules, I'm all for this. Even the cops will have to stop now.