Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chicago Curry House Delivers Flavorful Indian and Nepalese Cuisine

If you happen to be walking around Dearborn Park 1 you may notice an intoxicating smell permeating throughout the air.  If you don't know where it's coming from, we're here to spread the news:  The Chicago Curry House (899 S. Plymouth Court).

Chicken Tikka
Tucked away on the sleepy Northeast corner of Plymouth Court and 9th street, the Chicago Curry House offers a truly unique and exciting opportunity that will expand your senses.

While the menu can be a little overwhelming for novices, the staff is very kind and more than willing to offer recommendations based on your specific likes and dislikes.  

With that said, we started our night with some Chicken Samosas and Cheese Naan.  The Samosas were large and in charge and a little awkward to eat, but very tasty.  Some might complain that they might be a little dry, but we spread some of the green sauce (that was on the table) which helped a lot.  

The Cheese Naan was absolutely delicious.  It's probably not the most unique thing on the menu, but damn is it good (and I will preface this by saying I love Naan bread in any form).  The cheese was subtle and did a good job of complementing the chewiness of the bread well.

For the main courses we opted for Chicken Tikka and Chicken Tikka Masala.  As i'm writing this i'm realizing that we ordered a lot of chicken - oh well.  The difference between the options was that the Chicken Tikka Masala was served in a delicious cream sauce, while the Chicken Tikka came out sans sauce  put piping hot (see picture above).  

Anyway, both were solid and both would be ordered again.  The flavors and spices are so interesting and definitely different than anything else you will find in the neighborhood.  

If you're looking for a departure from your typical eating routine, we highly recommend the Chicago Curry House.  

Does anyone else have any recommendations for dishes at the Curry House?


Solo said...

If you have not had indian - the best way to try is the lunch buffet here or another place. The lunch buffett here is very good. Service is excellent also.

Michael said...

Gotta try the MoMo.

Mr Downtown said...

Hard to beat the butter chicken. Or the Saag.

Mr Downtown said...

Hard to beat the butter chicken. Or the saag.

BRENDAN said...

where is FitGuy when you need 'em...?

Solo said...

Chef Luciano is another great option for Indian. Although, not advertised that way, they have alot of items that are Indian flavored + BYOB + outdoor seating or carry out. I usually order a salmon curry pilaf rice for example.