Friday, June 1, 2012

The GIF Trend Burns the Sloop

A reader sent us an email stating "a great Tumblr on Chicago with a nice burn on the South Loop. But we can take the joke - ".
When someone tells me about a new bar in the South Loop
The blog is called "So.Yeah.Duh" and frankly I'be been crying all day since we saw this.


BRENDAN said...

This unhappy little soul says the southside is nothing but hood rats and leprechans, makes fun of the southloop for being outdated and generic, and for the most part conveys the idea that outside of wicker park/bucktown there is nothing else to the city. Typical behavior of a transplant from IOWA that moves to LP and thinks they have it all figured out.

Serge said...

Haha, nice, Brendan. South Loop FTW.

MarkChicago said...

This is GIF is a perfect example of why I moved to the Sloop.

I never understood how 20-somethings can rent out a closet with 3 roommates and prance around like they sit on the LP iron throne.