Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Monument for Museum Campus? Bring COCOBOBBLE to the Sloop!

Mr. Conan O'Brien has invaded our great city and given this momentous occasion has decided to bestow upon us COCOBOBBLE:

While it might be a long shot, we couldn't help ourselves from trying to rally our readers and get COCOBOBBLE down to the Sloop.

With that said, please share this post on facebook or retweet @teamcoco with the #COCOBOBBLE.

A couple suggestions:
  • Agora statues (Michigan and Roosevelt):  A big head for headless statues
  • Museum Campus (in front of the Adler, Field or Shedd):  COCOBOBBLE is museum worthy for sure
  • Queen's Landing (Lakeshore Drive and Buckingham Fountain):  When the queen comes to town we get the queen's landing.  When Connan comes to town we get COCOBBBLE.
Any other suggestions?

(Hat tip: NAM!)

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