Thursday, December 8, 2011

South Loop Resident Seeks Dish & Drink Advice

We had a recent post about the best delivery in the Sloop and another reader asked for some more advice:
Hey Sloopy,

I love sloopin and have been checking in regularly since I moved to the sloop two years ago. As a south loop resident and investor, I am very curious what people think of our local restaurants and bars. I would like to see a post about what people think of specific restaurants and bars in the sloop.

With new places opening this year such as Pita Heaven, The Scout, Waffles, Burger Point along with our existing places, the sloop definitely feels like its finally coming together. Some reviews and tips about dishes and drink specials would be helpful for us all.


(Hat tip: CJ!)


Anonymous said...

Oh joy! Another opportunity for Sloopin commenters to bash our local businesses. Can't wait.

Collin said...

What an interesting question... I currently live at 15th and State... and love the Tapas restaurant, as well as Zapatista. The Scout is nice, but not my favorite. We just tried to new burger place... pretty good Veggie burger.

We are moving at the end of December to 18th and Calumet... and the restaurants in close proximity seem to drop off.... I'm a huge fan of Krolls, but we can't live off veggie wraps and whiskey all the time!

There are two new restaurants opening up -- can't remember the names, but one is just south of Wabash and 16th and the other is at 14th and Michigan. We love new restaurants!!!

Anonymous said...

Go to:

Cafe Bionda: Grilled Calamari, Gnocchi, Chic Parm. Avoid the steak, if you want steak go to a Steakhouse.

Zapatista: Margaritas, Fajitas, Fish Tacos

Quick Sandwich Delivered: Jason's Deli

Flo and Santos: Great service, pierogi's, wings, pizza, and Daisy Cutter on tap


Firehouse: Overpriced, bad service

Anonymous said...

I would say to AVOID BIONDA. I was sitting outside with my girlfriend and rats were running all over the sidewalk. I called the manager (Paul) the next day to tell him his front door was open and about the rat issue and he didnt seem to care. Will never ever go back.

Josh said...

Flo and Santos, Krolls, and Villains are the three best bars. Hackney's is good too. Bar Louie I could give or take but for dollar burgers. Wasn't much impressed by the Scout. Have heard good things about Weather Mark but have only been once and wasn't impressed, default to Kroll's. Wabash Tap has a good vibe after work. For fancier drinks, I do like the bar at Firehouse and Tantrum is always great (though expensive). Also went to M Lounge a few times, nice place.

For take out, Pita Heaven, Flaco's, and of course Panozzos (close fight with Kroll's for best place in the Sloop, full stop). Oh, also Bodega #5 at the Blackstone. Have heard good things about SRO. No on the chain shops.

Best more formal restaurants are Gioco, South Coast, Ma & I, Tapas Valencia and Zapatista. Oh, and Custom House used to be awesome but I was disappointed the one time I went with the new chef (plus it's very expensive). I'd like to like Firehouse but have been disappointed. Oysy is decent but I'd rather go to South Coast. Not a fan of Cantina, would rather do Zapatista or Flaco's (or head to Pilsen).

Breakfast, Yolk, Bongo Room and Waffles in that order. I don't like Eleven City much but that's just one man's opinion, some people swear by it. I also had Mercat's brunch a couple times and really enjoyed it (though it is significantly pricier).

MarkChicago said...


1. Flo & Santos
2. Phoenix in Chinatown (not Sloop, but close enough)
3. Gioco
4. Yolk
5. Firehouse
6. Zapatista

1. The Scout
2. Villains
3. Krolls

Steel Nips said...

For good sushi and friendly service, Plus its BYOB with no corkage fee) try Triad Sushi on cullerton and Indiana. They have recently re modeled their front bar area too and it looks great

Also firehouse is a great place, as is Zapatista. Flo and Santos pizza is real good

Anonymous said...

- Flo and Santos. Love this place. Good everyday place. Love the pierogies and pizza. Actually, everything I've had there so far I've liked. Cheap wine on Fridays.
- Pita Heaven. For some reason though I always forget about it.
-Giocco. I like this place. I have to say, I haven't been here since it reopened though.
-Cafe Bionda. Solid for walking distance Italian.
- South Coast-Good sushi!
-Panozzos- One of my favorites.
-Tapas Valencia- Underrated. I think this is a good tapas place in the neighborhood.
-M Lounge. Also underrated. Good drinks, crowd, and vibe.
-Bongo room. When I go with someone else, it's perfect to get one sweet and one savory and then share.
-Ma and I- Good Pad Thai, beef salad, sushi.
-Opart Thai is good too.

-Weathermark. Eh. Nothing special.

Not that great (in my opinion)
-Krolls. I just really don't like this place...the food, the layout, etc. Expensive for what it is.
- Scout. I personally am not a fan of that type of place, but it's good for the neighborhood and to have it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't care for the pizza at Flo and Santos too much.

Burger Point was very good.
Veggie Burger with green chilies was good. Turkey burger was also good as were the fries.

Ma and I was pretty good too.
I am wanting to try Opart Thai, heard its better than Ma&I, but I havent been there to verify.

Zapatista is hit or miss, went once and carnita tacos were super bland. Fajitas were good though

Bongo Room was okay but everyting thing seemed overly sweet.
Waffles is pretty good, but pricier based on portion size.

Purple Cupcake Van (I forget the name) on Michigan and 13th has pretty good cupcakes.

thshoya said...

Waffles is awesome- breakfast
panozzo's deli made sandwiches are fantastic- lunch
dinner- south coast, zapatista, tapas valencia

the scout is douche-tastic on the weekend nights, but ok for a drink after work

kroll's is good, but we need more bars in closer proximity- would love to see the place next to zapatista open up with a restaurant/bar/performance space

Anonymous said...

Southcity Tavern and Palaggi's are good for food and drink!

Anonymous said...

I know that I'm going to be beat up for saying this but I honestly want to know if anybody has anything positive to say about acapella and donnas. I have given these places the benefit of the doubt and gone back a few times. I can honestly say that both places were unbelievably dissapointing and am shocked they are still open. I don't take joy in saying this but doesn't it make sense for places with bad execution or concepts to go out of business. Tribute closing makes sense.

On a positive note. Gioco has gotten so much better and opart Thai is some of the best I have ever had. Zapatista is also amazing.

Anonymous said...

For a nice meal try Quatro, Room 21, Grace O'Malley's, Old Hardwood, Opera, or Tribute. All are fantastic! Or you could go to one of the restaurants at the Roosevelt Collection. If you just want some wine and cheese, stop be a wine tasting at either South Loop Wine Cellar or Wine Styles.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:54

SouthCity Tavern??
You must not have been out a lot recently in the south loop because that has been since replaced by Solo 1530, and then Tapas Valencia.

Anonymous said...

"For a nice meal try Quatro, Room 21, Grace O'Malley's, Old Hardwood, Opera, or Tribute. All are fantastic! Or you could go to one of the restaurants at the Roosevelt Collection. If you just want some wine and cheese, stop be a wine tasting at either South Loop Wine Cellar or Wine Styles."

Terrific post. Does a loaf of bread still cost a mickle?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy Weathermark Tavern for something casual and inexpensive, and some nice healthy items, too. Good burgers, turkey burgers and grilled blackened tuna sandwich. Nice selection on tap.

No one has mentioned the Little Branch Cafe in the condo bldg at 13th and Indiana. Great coffee, nice weekend brunch items--fresh not processed.

South Coast has great sushi and since they started the delivery option it is more reasonable, as you can drink your own wine or beer at home. Delivery is FAST, too, always quicker than they say.

I have not been to Tapas Valencia or Gioco recently, but never had a bad meal at either, and enjoy for a nicer evening out.

Anonymous said...

Cuatro, both wine places and Room 21 have also all closed. Hopefully new, successful businesses will replace. And I agree... Acapella was vacant for so long. I never see anyone in there for it to last and the bars on the windows need to go. Not a visually pleasing addition to the neighborhood!