Sunday, December 11, 2011

PeaPod Driver Arrested on Sexual Assault Charge in the Sloop

A reader writes:
Hello Sloopin'

I have been a user of PeaPod for the last two years, and was just notified that our deliver has been arrested on sexual assault charges. I am hoping that you can update you site making those who use this service aware of the dangers and that they should not let these people into their homes no matter how trustworthy they seem. Guillermo Balingit, I thought, was a very trust worthy individual that my wife would let into our south loop condo to set the groceries in the kitchen.

Although this is old news, we wanted to post as a reminder to be careful. For more background here is a link to an article on ABC7.

(Hat tip: TK!)


Anonymous said...

"Sources tell ABC7 the alleged victim, 21, let the driver, Balingit, into her home and allowed him to massage her during a delivery from Peapod at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Peapod is an online grocery shopping delivery service."

that pretty much sums it up this going to be one of those trials where the victim has a shady past?

Anonymous said...

Better link with video:

What really happened between the suspect and victim, most likely no one will ever know the real story.

slop said...

Charges dropped, victim is a quack. Hope this guy can repair his reputation.

Anonymous said...

Balingit is a rapist, who you
don't have to feel sorry for. The detectives,nurses, lawyers from
the Cook County Sex Crimes Unit, victim's advocates, family and friends of the victim know the truth. Justice is rarely served
in Cook County when it comes to
one on one rape with no witnesses.
The rapist can lie and deny the
charges with help of a skilled
defense attorney. The victim is
the only one being questioned
at this hearing by either side. Balingit isn't talking. Now that's what I call Cook County injustice.