Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Something Simmering at Old Ole Hardwood Space?

Don't get excited, but could something be simmering at the old Ole Hardwood space (1315 S. Wabash) be seeing some new activity? A reader writes:
Ran by Ole Hardwood 1315 S. Wabash today and at least they have removed the “we think is arson” signs, painted the plywood window coverings and put new butcher paper up. Anyone know if there is a build out going on? Speculation as to new tenants?
It's funny that we got this email because we noticed the same thing. We even went out of our way to ask the men who were replacing the boarded up windows, "is there something new going in here". The man coyly looked away and said yes. We asked again, but it was clear he didn't speak English well or wasn't going to give us any additional information.

Anyway, not sure if something is going in there or if they were just being pressured to take down the ugly boarded up windows. I guess we will have to wait and see.

For those who don't remember the history, here is a link to an old post we did and the corresponding video:

(hat tip: SP!)


BRENDAN said...

more than any other spot in the southloop....I wish they would develop the land south of this.

I believe it was supposed to be a building called "glasshaus"? Would have helped with business to the bars/resturants over there

Josh said...

Yeah, the number of empty lots there on Wabash and Michigan is depressing. You could throw the old courthouse and the storage facility into that bucket too.

Anonymous said...

It will be years before anybody touches those lots

Tanya Tatum said...

I happen to like the place for their once polished interiors. Now, all that is left are rubble and some floor solutions.