Monday, December 5, 2011

Active Body Chiropractor Moving to 1600 S. Indiana

We've received two separate emails from readers asking about some work being done at 1600 S. Indiana:
Yo Sloopin,

There appears to be some activity in the empty commercial space at 1600 S. Indiana - the space opposite of Happy Cleaners.

They're framing out the space. Any idea what's happening there? Perhaps another veterinarian office.


Sure enough, we went by and saw what JB was speaking about. Unfortunately we don't know what's going on. Does anyone have any ideas?

Update: Since we went by last week, new signs appear to have been placed on the windows. As the comment thread has suggested, Active Body Chiropractor (currently located at 1509 S. State) is moving to this new location.

(Hat tip: JB & TK and to our comment section)


Anonymous said...

You guys are amazing. If you walked by and read the signs, you'd know what was going on. How lazy can you be?

Anonymous said...

I saw a sign indicating that it will be a chiropractor's office.

Anonymous said...

I saw signs on the windows indicating it will be a chiropractor.

PopcornMan said...

theres some signs saying it will be a chiro office

LangChumSu said...

Tribute closing down.... saw that today

Patrick said...

Active body is moving from south state to that location

Sloopy said...

Thanks for letting us know about the Chiropractor. When we went to check it out, no signs were up.

We will update the post accordingly.

Jeff ( the other jeff) said...

theres some signs it will be a chiropractor

Anonymous said...

I have ten cents:

chiropractor's really are snake oil salesmen... "a crack here and there then come back next week to do it again."
A Physical Therapist is the best way to repair any kind of damage because they train you to use your muscles to work correctly which assists in proper posture and allignment.
I have heard too many stories about people going to chiropractors for the instant relief, and continue to go for weeks, months, enen years. What a waste of time, money and health!

Boo on chiropractors!

Anonymous said...

The signs were up at the latest on Friday. The story posted today. When did you check? Sloopin continues to have the neighborhood doing the leg work for them. Pretty sad.

The Knitting Goddess said...

I saw the signs on Friday about the Chiropractor moving in.

Why do you post negative comments from people who will not sign their names? To the person who knocked Chiros, I go to Proper Balance on S. Wells. They gave me very good treatments as well as physical therapy at their offices and strengthening exercises to do at home.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Every anonymous poster knows the site reviews comments. If it is negative trash on any level than you should deny it Sloopy!

Bacon said...

i'm pretty sure thats infringement on our free speech

Anonymous said...

Shout out for Dr. Jeff at Active Body. They do great work on atheletes - a total approach, not just your typical back-cracking.

South Loop Joe said...

To Anon with ten cents.
If you want to make ignorant
statements and hide behind being
Anonymous you lose all credibility.
Dr. Dylan saved me from having surgery and having to miss 6-8 months of work. I am pain free
and mobile today as the direct result of this Doctors hard work.
Dr. Dylan and Dr. Heddles and their
excellent staff are a business
worth supporting.

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Stew said...

There are not a lot of chiropractors in that area so I think that will be a welcome development there. I just wonder where he is from and whether he's a local or a foreigner. I need to check that out too one of these days. chiropractor perth

Suzy Thompson said...

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