Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 11 Sloopin Stories of 2011: #3 - Educational Institutions Lead Development Push in the Sloop

It's that time of year and like many other websites, tv stations, newspapers and blogs, we're going to take a look back at some of the most important and biggest stories of 2011.

#3 - Educational Institutions Lead Development Push in the Sloop

If we were to say that some new impressive, huge buildings are going up in the South Loop, you might think we travelled back to 2005 or were on crack. Well you would be wrong on both accounts, but the truth is that there are some amazing buildings being built in the neighborhood, but not by commercial entities - they're being built by educational institutions.

The most impressive building of them all (and maybe the most impressive building in all of Chicago in 2011) was Roosevelt University's Vertical Campus. While just North of what we consider the South Loop (since it's just North of Congress) the strikingly beautiful blue building looms large over the South Loop.

Beyond that, construction has begun on the new Jones College Prep high school at 606 S. State. East West University also broke ground at 819 S. Wabash to build a multi-purpose building consisting of classrooms, dorms and such. It's a similar concept to the Roosevelt University's vertical campus building albeit on a smaller scale.

Two other announcements in 2011 were Roosevelt University's new athletic center that will be built on the just Southeast corner of Congress on Wabash and Columbia's purchase of the Ebony/Jet HQ building at 820 S. Michigan.

Needless to say, these institutions are expanding and continue to bring more and more people to the neighborhood.

(Image from Curbed Chicago)

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