Friday, December 30, 2011

Top 11 Sloopin Stories of 2011: #5 - Muggings in the South Loop

It's that time of year and like many other websites, tv stations, newspapers and blogs, we're going to take a look back at some of the most important and biggest stories of 2011.

#5 - Muggings in the South Loop
While must of us like to focus on the positives in the South Loop, this doesn't mean that some scary things aren't happening. Back in July, a string of muggings took place on Indiana and Michigan Avenue between Roosevelt and 18th. While the perpetrators were apprehended, the neighborhood was on high alert for a couple tense weeks.


Anonymous said...

This story (without a doubt IMO) was THE single biggest this year. It reminds all of us just how close this hood is to gang-infested, crime-plagued war zones to the west and south. E.G., just look at today's news: last night alone 9 people were shot just south of the Sloop. And to those of you who shrug off crime in Englewood as "not my problem," see Exhibit A: this week's shooting at the Roosevelt L. And you know what's even scarier?: despite reports that there were "throngs" of southbound youth involved in that incident, guess how many are in custody? ZERO.

Josh said...

4:13, huh? Here's a link so you can get a clue to the 9 last night:,0,4549471.story

The murders were the off duty PO on the city border with Oak Park (Austin Boulevard) and another at 1500 S. Kedzie (4 miles West of State). All but 2 of the 9 shootings were West side or northwest side. The two on the south side were Chicago Lawn.

You want to guess what all nine of these shootings seem to have in common? Every single one was closer to a suburb than to the South Loop. Literally, every single one.

That thing from last week is a problem, but you shoulda seen how many trouble makers ran around in the 'jets when they were lined up for miles on State Street.

The South Loop is great and getting greater. Even the homeless shelter for sex offenders was moved west of the river, though I'd like to see that moved up much closer to its north suburban sponsors.