Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where is the Farmers Market in the South Part of Grant Park?

A good question:

Hi –
One follow up question for you – any update on the farmers market that was proposed for the south end of Grant Park?

We were pretty pumped for this (and we know many readers were as well), but haven't heard a peep about it in awhile. The last thing we posted was a Tribune article in late April. And the last thing we've read about was a Chicago Journal article in May.

The Chicago Journal article made it sound like this was a done deal and even stated that it was supposed to start in June:

The Chicago Park District unveiled its plans Tuesday for a farmers market on the south end of Grant Park, slated to start this June.
Well July just started and as far as we can see no new news on the market.

Anyone got the scoop on this?

(Hat tip: AL!)


Emily B. said...

I was also extremely excited for this and have continued to check for updates. All I can find is that a Farmer's Market was added to Pritzker Park on Tuesday's and is listed as one of the "newest Farmer's Markets this year."

I wonder if this is replacing the south Grant Park one all Sloopers were anticipating? I surely hope not.

Anonymous said...

Last week I was curious about this and emailed a person at the company (Bensidoun) involved and got this reply:

We are working out the License Agreement for this market. As soon as the ink dries we will begin promoting the event. I really can't give you a firm idea if that will be a few weeks or longer. It just depends on how soon we can settle the details.


Anonymous said...

Where is the Alderman? He is always out there at the announcement and then nothing happens for months. Is he the hold up?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:04 ... it sounds like it's taking a while to settle the legal/business details, since the woman from Bensidoun said they were working on the license agreement. When it was announced they said those kind of things needed to be worked out.