Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rooftopping in the Sloop

It's fourth of July weekend and if you're in Chicago chances are good that you're going to be outside sometime enjoying the city and hopefully the weather (so far so good on that second statement).

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hitting up a local party on a Michigan avenue rooftop. Given the fact that most of us in the Sloop don't have a ton of private green space to utilize, the rooftop tends to be our default to a good time. That was the case yesterday. Nothing amazing about this rooftop, but it was well suited for the 25 people who were enjoying the weather, food and beer.

The rooftop couldn't accommodate a wiffle ball or a touch football game, but people could still throw around the football (but had to be mindful of the air conditioning units and vents). Anyway, on top of this particular rooftop you had a nice view of the sloop. It wasn't a tall building, but still had enjoyable 360 degree views all over the city (we love seeing the El trains roll by).

Again, a nice field or backyard might have been better suited for a "traditional" fourth of July party, but we make due with what we got...

...ain't nothing like a Sloopin rooftop.

(hat tip: nasty!)


Rob said...

it's a nice little building. not the fanciest in the neighborhood but it's got a lot of character.

anon said...

Don't fret about lack of green space, Grant Park is our backyard.

Brady said...

Building is nice, but the gentleman in the picture also has character, a man of great culture