Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grant Park Farmers Market Working on Contract with City

We had a quick post about this last week and a commenter noted that they reached out to Bensidoun USA (who is the company that will be running the proposed market) and asked what the status was. They responded saying they were working on the license agreement with the city.

Well that appears to be true as reported on by the Chicago Journal today:

A farmers market slated for the south end of Grant Park, which had been scheduled to launch by the beginning of June, is still in limbo as its operator remains mired in contract negotiations with the Chicago Park District.

At a meeting of the Grant Park Conservancy held on May 10, market organizer Bensidoun USA and the park district’s concessions team said they were close to inking a deal to launch the market by June.

However, as mid-July rolls around with no market in sight, Bensidoun Midwest Manager Leslie Cahill says things have been put on hold as they try to hammer out their contract with the park district.
Hopefully they can figure this out!

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