Wednesday, July 13, 2011

FX's Pilot "Powers" Being Shot Today in the Sloop

For the filming buffs out there, we received the image above from a loyal contributor/reader letting us know that FX will be shooting a pilot today for "Powers" on State street between 13th and 14th.

According to the website
If you're not familiar with Powers, it is a comic book that started in 2000 from Image Comics, and is currently being released through Marvel's Icon imprint. It follows Detective Walker and Pilgrim as they solve cases involving super-powered individuals. The series is one of the best comics of the last decade (or so) and is one of the books that put Bendis on the map as a comic book writer and got him the big work he does for Marvel these days.

Anyway, if you're out and about today don't be surprised to see some "super-human" things going on at South State street.

(Hat tip: PF!)

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Christina said...

I live right where they were supposed to be filming, and we didn't see anything last night. Hopefully that means that they've just rescheduled and not cancelled because the pilot sounds interesting.