Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hotel Expansion at McCormick Place

According to the Tribune:

McCormick Place officials are moving ahead with long-stalled plans to expand the convention center hotel.Another 461 rooms will be added to the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, which currently has 800 rooms, with completion expected mid-2013.

Even more reason to focus on developing Motor Row.


Anonymous said...

I know the current tower is full of rooms...would they build a new tower or re-utilize some conventions space somehow (doesnt seem to natually lend itself to a hotel room conversion...)?

Or would they find new land? Perhaps the old donnelly printing building on the south side of 21st between prairie and calumet?

Where was this idea when Lexington Park was in the balance?!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

plans call for the 2nd tower to be built on top of the parking garage.

That is exactly the problem; McPier / McCormick Place cares not one bit for Motor Row. A bunch of idiots in regard to urban planning. At one point, McPier owned just about every building in Motor Row and had the opportunity to make a great destination but are a bunch of boneheads. Thank God Juan Ochoa is out of the loop, as he was one of the biggest problems and hacks.

Anonymous said...

Motor Row will be largely ignored so long as it is anchored by housing projects like LongGrove, Hilliard, and others. It's now "dumb urban planning," it's smart.