Friday, July 22, 2011

Forever Nana's Vintage Boutique Headed for Motor Row?

A reader sent us a link to a twitter feed from Forever Nana's Vintage Boutique to watch out for their grand opening at 2418 S. Michigan.

Intrigued, we did some more searching and stumbled upon their website ( The about us section provides some background into the boutique:

So this story is about the little girl who refused to conform. I founded a Sorority that still exists today and multiple entrepreneurial businesses as I grew up. I'm Yvette, the owner of Forever Nana's Vintage Boutique. Chicago's First authentic South Loop Vintage experience.

My Lifetime motto: Always a leader never a follower, explains how my interest in the vintage world began.

It appears that the boutique will have a wide array of items ranging from art, jewelry, clothes, shoes and furniture.

Best of luck to them and hopefully they're at the forefront of the recently talked about renaissance of Michigan Avenue's Motor Row.

(Hat tip: JJ!)


Anonymous said...

I think this is an exciting development. Love vintage stuff!

Anonymous said...

The price needs to reflect the store is geographically challenged (next to the ghetto)and people will come down for value. If it is priced aggressively and the location is ignored nobody will come down. Look at viva ventuno and cuatro as a few examples.

Anonymous said...

'Next to the Ghetto'?? What's your definition of 'the ghetto'? The successful car dealership across the street? The occupied multi-level condos and townhomes that are a block away? Or is this store too close to McCormick Place?
I'm not trying to take away from your price-point argument; but your choice of words makes it sound as if you are one of those people who feel 'there is no reason to go south of roosevelt road', and will write off any business who dares to offer a variety to the many people who do.