Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Official, Bob Running for Mayor

Our second ward alderman, Bob Fioretti, is officially running for Mayor according to WBEZ 91.5:
Fioretti's been talking like a candidate for mayor for some time, and now...

FIORETTI: I have made it public that I will be seeking the position of mayor of the city of Chicago.

A formal campaign kickoff could come as soon as next Wednesday, complete with a campaign platform.

FIORETTI: How we survive in the next five years, how we create multiple budget analysis for the city, how we bring in jobs, how we deal with the public safety issues and education.

Although it seems like a long shot that Fioretti can win, you never know...


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Go, Bob!

Gertrude said...

Fioretti is pro-union and casino. Thats a game changer for me, my family and friends. We need real ideas for proper management of taxpayer dollars instead of continually filling the gap and doing business as usual. It is not sustainable and the taxpayers continue to suffer due to this inept management.

Anonymous said...

Well if this is indeed true, it is time to start talking about realistic 2nd Ward Aldermadic candidates beyond the retreads of the last election.

I would like to see John Jacoby run for Alderman. As a main contibutor on the Alderman's staff, he has facilitated
educational improvements for neighborhood residents by helping establish better neighborhood kid allotmenta at South Loop and West Loop Skinner schools.

From some of the public meetings like the Jones College Prep & South Loop School council, I have been impressed with some of the ideas and visions to go much farther to address the 2nd Ward educational facility purgatory we are facing.

People are looking to stay longer, and this is a key issue as, as are parks, and a more coordinated infrastructure plan.

From the news of the Jones College prep expansion, it looks as if the CPD and Jones College prep people are not going to do any favors for the South Loop residents who are footing the bill for the expansion,
trying to deny a gauranteed neighborhood compliment.

I want my next Alderman leading that process.

The first candidate in the race that talks about robbing the TIF funds to pay off overstuffed city operational costs and & bloated pensions is going to get pelted with empties because they have not done their homework to see that the city has already been siphoning money off.

The TIF money is there for a reason, I want my Alderman to not be ashamed of it.

ian said...

Thank you! You often write very interesting articles. You improved my mood.

Sam Winters said...

Tax Increment Financing [i]should[/i] be used in the areas that otherwise won't be developed. That's what TIF is all about. When we start using it for projects where development is happening naturally or taking money from the needed development projects to pay off expenses, that defeats the purpose and only puts a patch on the problem.

The problem we run in with city/state/federal pensions is the requirement for 20 years of service for the most part. If someone went to college and went into government work, then by the time they are 45, they can start pulling a pension. Most people who don't work for the government simply can't afford that, and end up working at least 20 years longer than that.

That's 20 years of pay we all have to cover because of the way the system has been ingrained in most government institutions. I don't think it would be unreasonable to make the requirement 30 or 35 years, or 20 years if over a certain age. We just can't sustain the same patterns for much longer.